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We specialise in technical assistance, working with and recruiting experts worldwide. We work on your construction sites as long as it takes to see your projects through. For more information, tell us what you need. We will be happy to help you.

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TECNIZY-G.C.A.T is the specialist you need for your projects in France and abroad!

For 20 years, numerous customers have trusted us to help them carry out their technical projects abroad and in France, in many different areas: Construction, public works, transport, industry, energy, mining and telecommunications.

We support them throughout the duration of their projects, from the very beginning, through the construction phase and on to the maintenance phase. All of this is done in compliance with the specifications we have defined together. We are always by our customers’ side, with a full appreciation of the technical constraints encountered in the field.

Under our guidance, our teams of specialist technicians and engineers intervene in record time on-site to provide you with the necessary support. Our only objective is to satisfy our customers by ensuring that the recommended technical solutions best meet your needs.

At the same time, we provide our clients with head-hunting services, focusing on international project management. With our experience in recruiting talent from around the world to strengthen our teams, we use our skills to quickly find candidates who will adapt to your corporate culture and business environment.