For one of our clients international company specialized civil construction, we are looking for a Quality Manager to ensure EGC Quality standards are maintained and adhered to on specific sites.
Job Location: Norway

Contract: 4 years project contract

The main tasks will be:

- Manage the Quality department
- Set the Quality Management System for the Project
- Make sure that the Quality Management System for the Project is known, understood and implement by all EGC employees as well as EGC Subcontractors
- Manage the inspection program for making sure that works are carried out in accordance with specifications


- Report directly to the Project Director
- Act as the EGC Quality Management representative
- Advise the Project Management Committee on suitable quality objectives and targets
- Coordinate, arrange and participate in quality meetings, coordination meetings and Client meetings
- Prepare Management Review on quality aspects
- Create and maintain the quality system for the project and make the system understandable and available for all project members.
- Create and update project management procedures and governing documents
- Monitor that the project members are working according to agreed procedures and systems.
- Create and update Quality Management Plan and Control/Inspection Plan
- Prepare and authorize standard Subcontractor / Service Provider quality requirements and recommend quality classification for Subcontractor / Service Provider then selection
- Perform quality assessment on Subcontractor / Service Provider and Supplier
- Support the project organization and Subcontractor / Service Provider in use of the system.
- Follow up and control Subcontractor / Service Provider's activities as well as checking their quality system
- Define the quality audit and inspection programme used to verify compliance and identify any overlooked significant aspect and hazard.
- Perform internal audits within the project
- Report the audit finding with recommendation for correction and improvement to the management, and ensure their implementation
- Communicate and report status and important information to the client, ad-hoc and on a regular basis.
- Manage the non-conformity system and follow up and monitor registered non-conformities in the project.
- Perform root cause analysis on non-conformance and ensure follow-up with corrective and preventive action as necessary
- Take part in daily activities in the project and follow up major decisions in the project, as well as site inspections
- Issue Stop Work Order when necessary
- Monitor the status of deliverables and support the project members in this process.
- Monitor Laboratory activities
- Identify quality training needs and prepare, review and authorize the quality training program for all levels of employee on site, including Subcontractor / Service Provider
- Review and ensure follow-up of quality complaints
- Function as a focal point of contact towards the client when it comes to Systematic Completion and supervise and control testing of deliverables
- Manage reception control and handling the deliverables on site

Profil recherché

- Senior level experience
- A perfect level of English is mandatory
- Good interpersonal skills and excellent communication are required.
- Candidates must have a previous experience abroad


Degree, diploma, or certificate in Civil Engineering Technology

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