For our client, major construction company, we are looking for a Quantity Surveyor.
Project in Europe.

The QS should be able to
- perform the relevant activities,
- give reasoned advice,
- have an appropriate depth and breadth of technical knowledge and its implementation,
- be able to supervise other less experienced staff and
- be confident when working autonomously.

Management of interim and financial accounts
- Apply the contractual and statutory provisions relating to applications for payment including Contractor and Employer/Project Manager assessments, certificates and payment for both interim and final accounts
- Preparation, presentation, negotiation and agreement of interim and final accounts, including re-measurement in accordance with a standard method of measurement
- Preparation and evaluation of compensation event claims, and/or other claims based upon contractual entitlement, and/or insurance claims
Financial and commercial processes
- Management of budgets. Cost forecasting, management and control processes including the use of contract programmes, change and risk registers.
- Profitability forecasts, cost/budget/value comparisons and cash flow.
- Work to ensure the continual improvement of processes, procedures, and tools to enable the monitoring and management of key commercial drivers e.g. change, cost, risk, certification etc. including a facility to check and audit

Commercial management and contract administration
- Supply chain procurement and management
- Administration of contracts and / or subcontracts including payment mechanisms, change procedures, and resolution of contentious issues, final accounts agreement and management
- Identification, recording, notification and negotiation of change in accordance with the contract.
- Evaluation of change through analysis of rates or compensation methods, and agreement of the effects of change
- Familiar with standard forms of contract such as NEC, FIDIC and JCT
- Risk management
- Able to provide advice on contractual matters and formulating contractual correspondence
- Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures

Planning and programmes
- Use of programmes for monitoring the works
- Use of programmes for analysis and demonstration of delay and disruption and entitlement to extensions of time
- Use of programmes to support budget and risk management on a project

Cost planning and pre-contract cost control
- Possess a knowledge of the elements present in a project budget at pre-contract phase.
- Have knowledge of the development of a cost plan or spread of a tender budget along with identification of cost drivers
- Analyse and compare contract and subcontract tenders and tender budget information
- The utilisation of labour, plant, equipment, materials and sub-contractors

Project/commercial management reporting
- Assessment of financial performance through applying the quantity of work completed to arrive at cost and value reconciliation reporting
- Involvement in and understanding of the production of project trading accounts/reports illustrating profit/loss, overhead cost recovery and financial outturn forecasts for management purposes and their impact on company objectives.
- Understand the basics of company accounts, including turnover, profit/loss, work in progress and cash-flow
- Identify and interpret Key Performance and Result Measures
- Understand the use of allowances for adequate risk provision and reserve contingencies to ensure stable monthly financial reporting

Recording works progress and assessing the effects of delay, prolongation and disruption
- Preparation, maintenance and audit of suitable contemporary records of work progress
- Evaluation of recorded work through applying relevant financial assessment methods
- Understand the causes of delay and their critical and non-critical effects on project completion and entitlement to extensions of time
- Understand the effects of disruption on resources and progress

Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Rates and Activity Schedules
- Understand the various uses of Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Rates, and Activity Schedules and their preparation in accordance with standard methods of measurement
- Understand the different risks associated with measurement and pricing carried out under re-measurement contracts, lump sum contracts and target cost/cost reimbursable contracts and design and construct contracts
- Appreciation of the different approaches to pricing for example quantity and time related items, method related charges and the evaluation of change.

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